PrePress for Photographers®

File Prep for film output from our Durst Rhino LVT Film recorder:
Create your files using the Adobe RGB 1998 profile, color correct and then save the file as an 8 bit RGB TIFFs (IBM Tiff format).
The Tiffs must be flattened, no alpha channels with No Profiles Embedded. If a profile is embedded the LVT will reject the file.
The actual imaging area on the LVT is slightly smaller then the nominal film size.
Please take this into consideration when creating your file.
Please use the table below. Exact 4x5" or 5x7” output is priced at 8x10 film output rate.

Create your files for the desired output resolution and film size.
The active image area for 4x5 is 4x5” and 8x10 is 9.25”x7.75”
RES 80 = 2032 DPI

Film Size
RES 40 (1016 DPI)
File Size
RES 80 (2032 DPI)
File Size
4,064px x 5,080px
59.07 MB
8,128px x 10,160px
236.26 MB
9,398px x 7,600px
204.35 MB
18,796px x 15,200px
817.39 MB

thumb_Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 11.45.13 PM_1024
Sample: Creating a new image for LVT RES 80 Output in Adobe Photoshop® CS6
thumb_Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 11.46.34 PM_1024thumb_Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 11.46.56 PM_1024
Sample: Saving a new image for LVT RES 80 Output in Adobe Photoshop® CS6, uncheck embedded profile and match TIFF options

File Prep for film output from our Polaroid ProPalette 8000 Film Recorder:
The example below is for a 35mm imaged at 8k.
1. Create a new document in your preferred image editor.
2. Set the documents height to 5460 pixels
3. Set the documents width to 8192 pixels
4. Set the documents dpi/ppi to 5461 pixels
5. Set the documents working color space to Adobe RGB 1998
6. Set the documents background color to a color of your choice (black or white is most common)
7. Drag or move your image into this new document (convert colors to Adobe RGB 1998 if necessary)
8. Enlarge or reduce the image to fit the canvas size and adjust color as needed
9. When all of your editing is completed, save the image as a Flattened TIFF, Mac compatible Without Any Compression (very important!)

Files should be saved as Adobe RGB 1998 Mac Tiff's at the correct size indicated in the table below.

Output Res
Input Res Pixels
Input Res PPI
File Size MB
Aspect Ratio
4096 x 2730
8192 x 5460
4096 x 3350
8192 x 6702

File Prep for InkJet Printing from our Epson 9880 or HP5500 InkJet Printers:
For the best reproduction from your original files, Please prepare your them as follows:
File Size:
Prepare your files at the actual print size desired at 300 dpi. ie. 16x20" @ 300 dpi.
All retouching and color correction should be built into the file. Additional work will be billed at our retouching fee.
To ensure proper color matching and fidelity, your monitor needs to be calibrated.
We recommend using an Eye One Display 2. The monitors color temperature should be set to 6500k (Kelvin) with a gamma of 2.2.
PrePress Express
accepts all major files format for printing.
Tiff - Mac or PC - Compression LZW or Zip.
Jpeg - Use the best compression, Level 10 or higher for best results.
PSD - CS4 files are ok.
PDF - Any version. Please save the PDF with either no compression or Jpeg Level 10 or higher.
Ai - Any version.
Quark - Version 4 or higher. We are now accepting Version 8 files!
Indesign - Any version.
Word - Any version.
Excel - Any version.
PowerPoint - Any version.

Color Space:
RGB: Adobe RGB (1998).
CMYK: US Web Coated Swop V2.
Grayscale: Gray Gamma 1.8 or Dot Gain 20%.