Utilizing the Aztek Premier and Howtek ScanMaster 7500 Pro drum scanners,
Now with
Digital Photo Lab Pro® (DPL Pro®) by Aztek!
PrePress Express specializes in drum scanning of film formats as small as 35mm up to the Ultra Large formats (16"x20" max).
We can also scan individual frames or strips (up to 20" long) of movie film from 8mm, 16mm, 35mm to imax (70mm).
File sizes starting from 100MB up to 30GB
Every exposure is unique and each frame is individually balanced for color, contrast and overall tone.
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work order form
We charge per 100mb, This is a small list of the most popular sizes ordered.
We have a full price list posted in the
Scanning FAQ

PRICING: (includes basic spotting & 1 cd or dvd)
$25   for a 100mb scan
$35   for a 200mb scan
$45   for a 300mb scan
$55   for a 400mb scan
$65   for a 500mb scan
$75   for a 600mb scan
$85   for a 700mb scan
$95   for a 800mb scan
$105 for a 900mb scan
$125 for a 1.00gb scan
$135 for a 1.10gb scan
$235 for a 2.00gb scan
$245 for a 2.10gb scan
$485 for a 4.00gb scan
$600 for a 5.00gb scan
Full price list up to 8GB
For larger sizes up to 30GB! please call us for pricing.

New Online Feature:
Online Drum Scan
File Size Calculator and
Print Ratio Size Calculator.

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Additional Services per scan
48 bit (16 bit per channel)       100%       Large Film*(over 8x10)              20%
Aperture Adjustment                 25%       Custom color correction          50%
Full Spotting**                         100%       Super Spotting***                 200%
Gel Mounting****                     100%       Aztek Premier LF Film*****      15%

Rush (Next Day)                       100%       Rush (Same Day)                   200%

Additional Services per scan ie: 16bit, Large Film, Spotting, Rush etc...
* 20% surcharge for film larger than 8x10 to cover the extra materials
** Full Spotting can add up to 2 days depending on the condition of the film.
*** Super Spotting is applicable when the original film is very scratched or a lot of dust is embedded in the emulsion.
**** For very damaged and scratched film. May ad up to 3 days for prep.
***** Surcharge for Large Format film (4x5 and larger) on the Aztek Premier for files under 1gb.
      Howtek 7500 Drum Scanner                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Aztek Premier Drum Scanner

The Ultimate in High-End Drum Scans
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