PrePress for Photographers®

PrePress Express
Located just 30 minutes north of New York City!
Catering to Local, National and international Photographers, Agencies, Designers and Artists.

Our specialties include:

Retouching of fashion, beauty,
landscape and composites.
Press Checks, CMYK conversions
Color correction from merchandise

Equipment & Software Sales:
Eizo, Epson, GTI, Just Normlich, Xrite, Gretag, ColorEyes, Pantone
ImageNest, ONYX, gmg color, ColorBurst, Xrite, GretagMacbeth, Pantone
Kodak, Fuji, Hutch Color, GATF and many more....

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Equipment, Software and supplies!

At PrePress Express, were continually investing in the top technology
With solutions from Apple, Howtek, Aztek, Durst, Kodak, Epson, HP, Onyx & Polaroid.
Color management by Barbieri, X-Rite, Gretag Macbeth and Monaco.

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LVT film output from 35mm to 16x20”
Trade show banners and stands,
fine art watercolor prints…

Printer Profiling:
Profiling of your printer with our
Gretag Spectrolino/Spectroscan
and Monaco Profiler Platinum

Our printing department
Durst LVT Rhino+ film recorder
Durst LVT 1620 film recorder
Polaroid Pro-Palette 8000 film recorder

Epson 9880 K3 44" fine art printer
HP Designjet 5500 42" UV
Onyx ProductionHouse 7.3 RIP
Desay 32" vinyl cutter
Flexi Sign
High end drum scanning of large format and ultra large format film from our Howtek 7500 and Aztek Premier drum scanners.

Portraits, commercial,
still life / table top and landscape.

Film & Paper Sales:
Papers & Films from
Epson, Kodak, Fuji, Ilford & Polaroid

The PrePress Express Story
starts in early 2001
Our owner, Ian Mazursky was contracted to run post production and off site IT
for the On Figure and Table Top photography at

During that time, he saw a need in the industry for a pre press company that focused on Pre Press for the photographer®.
Being a photographer, he had a unique insight into the needs and wants for this particular group.

In late 2001 he opened our parent company, Photographer At Large.
PrePress Express started in 2002 as an offshoot from the successful IT and Pre Press consulting business, Photographer At Large.
Since then, we have grown and thrived.