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PrePress Express 2017 Installed Equipment List

Color Management Equipment & Software



Darkroom Equipment

Jobo ATL 2300 rotary tube processor w/various tubes, tanks and reels, customized in house to our needs
FujiMoto CP-51 20” RA-4 Processor
Fuji E6AR E-6 chemistry, Kodak FlexiColor C-41 chemistry, Kodak RA4 Chemistry
Ilford, Kodak and custom B&W chemistry
Wing-Lynch TC2 water panel, 0.3 and 5 micron pleated water filtration system
Wing Lynch WP2 water panel, 0.3 and 5 micron pleated water filtration system
Durst L1200 4x5 Enlarger with a CLS501 color head
Ilford ICP42 16” RA4 processor with the IWD42 wash dry module
BrandTech Transferpette Pipette 0.5-5mL
BrandTech Accu-jet pro pipette controller
Oakton Acorn pH meter
Thomas Duplex Super Safelight
Metallic Replacement and Electrolytic Silver Recovery Unit

Photographic Equipment

Korona Banquet 12x20 (Ilford HP5 & Tri-X from the 70’s using PMK Pyro)
480 APO Nikkor, 355 G-Claron in a Compur 3, 24” (600mm) APO Ronar, 65mm Fuji SWD, 90mm SA, 180mm Nikkor, 210mm Symmar, 135mm Graphex.
Korona 8x10 field camera, Korona 5x7 field camera, 11x14 right angle camera, Crown Graphic 4x5
Harrison Jumbo film changing tent
Nikon D200
Profoto Acute 2 lighting system
Bowens 1000DX mono light, Calumet Travel Light 750, 375 and battery
Videssence fluorescent light panels
Shooting table, Bessler copy stand and lots of grip

PrePress Department

Adobe Creative Suite CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6 Advanced
Quark Xpress 7.3 & 8
Extensis Suitcase Fusion, Extensis Portfolio 8.5

FileMaker Pro 11 Desktop & Sever using our custom designed order tracking system
XServe Dual 2.3Ghz Server
Promise VTrak M310p Storage Array with 10TB of online storage
Atto UL5D ExpressPCI Dual-Channel Ultra320 SCSI Card
Eizo ColorEdge CG245W LCD w/ built in calibration!
Eizo ColorEdge CG276W LCD w/ built in calibration!
MacBook Pro 2Ghz
MacBook Pro Core2Duo 2.8Ghz
Mac Pro Dual 2.4Ghz Intel Xeon Quad Core
G5 Quad 2.5ghz, G5 Dual 2.8Ghz, G4 Dual 1.25Ghz, G4 533mhz

Gigabit and Fiber Ethernet throughout our building
Wacomm Intuos 4 and 3 graphic tablets
Cole Parmer Hygrothermograph 08368-00-50