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 Polaroid ProPalette 8000 Film Output 

The Polaroid ProPalette 8000 Digital Film Recorder is a leader in small format film output technology.
For film archiving to 35mm slide projections, we image at 4k or 8k resolutions.
We can output onto E-6, C-41 and B&W film. In 35mm, 6x7 film formats.
Standard turnaround 2-4 days, Rush Next Day 100%

Polaroid ProPalette Pricing:
For proper file preparation and sizing, please see our Polaroid ProPalette 8000 FAQ.

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Output Format



Output Resolution


1st Copy

2+ Copies


Due to the limited availability of 35mm slide mounts for our Pakon mounter.
We are offering unmounted slides at the price above.
Mounted 35mm slides are $0.50 each.

* Minimum order of 20 frames for 35mm output
** Minimum order of 6 frames for 6x7 output

**** For 4x5 output we highly recommend our LVT Film output services.
As of 01-01-2011, we are no longer imaging 4x5s on our ProPalette 8000.
The ProPalette was never designed to produce a sharp 4x5, unfortunately it was an afterthought for the designers.
In addition, the 4x5 ilm profiles for the ProPalette do not match any current film stocks.
Because of the way that Polaroid designed them, the film profiles can’t be modified or adjusted.
The LVT on the other hand is a lot sharper, can be calibrated and is able to use currently available films.

For 4x5 and 8x10 film output, please see our LVT output services.
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contact us.