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Polaroid ProPalette 8000 FAQ

Polaroid ProPalette Output Specs:

All files should be in the Adobe RGB 1998 color space.
Files should be saved as RGB Mac Tiff with NO Compression at the correct size indicated in the table below.

Output Res
Input Res Pixels
Input Res PPI
File Size MB
Aspect Ratio
4096 x 2730
8192 x 5460
4096 x 3350
8192 x 6702

As of 01-01-2011, we are no longer imaging 4x5s on our ProPalette 8000.
For 4x5 and 8x10 film output, please see our
LVT Film output services.

How do i prepare the color and contrast for film output?

Slides (Chrome):
For proper slide output, you should prepare your files heavier (darker) in the shadows and high 3/4 tones.
This will prevent the shadows from washing out and appearing grey when projected.
Also keep in mind the limited dynamic range of slide film. Highlights wash out easily, anything near 250 (RGB) will be white.

Color Negatives:
Prepare the files for your negatives as you would like to have them printed.
Because C printing is very subjective, try to prepare your files so when they're printed, the least amount of burning and dodging will be needed.

B&W Negatives:
Files destined for B&W output should be de-saturated but still in RGB. This will produce the best results when printed onto B&W film.

How do i prepare a file for film output?

The example below is for a 35mm imaged at 8k. 1. Create a new document in your preferred image editor.
2. Set the documents height to 5460 pixels
3. Set the documents width to 8192 pixels
4. Set the documents dpi/ppi to 5461 pixels
5. Set the documents working color space to Adobe RGB 1998
6. Set the documents background color to a color of your choice (black or white is most common)
7. Drag or move your image into this new document (convert colors to Adobe RGB 1998 if necessary)
8. Enlarge or reduce the image to fit the canvas size and adjust color as needed
9. When all of your editing is completed, save the image as a Flattened TIFF, Mac compatible
Without Any Compression (very important!)

contact us if you have any questions.

What is the optimal file size for film output?

Our Polaroid ProPallette 8000 film recorder can image files of almost any size and still achieve good results.
The optimal file sizes are listed below for the film size and resolution.

35mm @ 4K 33.5mb
35mm @ 8K 134.2mb
6x7cm @ 4K 41.2mb
6x7cm @ 8K 164.7mb

Larger files will not improve the quality but smaller files will have a noticeable drop in resolution.
For projection only viewing, smaller files are OK since the projector, screen, focus and film flatness will vary.
A lower resolution file will not be as noticeable in those situations.
We have imaged files as small as 2mb jpg's and they came out great.

For printing or archiving, it is best to provide us a file that is sized in line with the table above.
Lower resolution files will have a significant impact for film intended to be used in printing or archiving.

What film type can you output onto?

In general, we can output onto any available film stock for 35mm and 120/220.
Below is a list of film currently in stock. Other stock are available with a surcharge.

Film Types
Color Neg
B&W Neg
35mm Kodak
Portra 160nc
PlusX or Tmax
35mm Fuji
Fuji Provia 100F

Neopan 100
6x7 Kodak
Portra 160nc
PlusX or Tmax
6x7 Fuji
Fuji Provia 100F
NPS 160
Neopan 100

contact us for more information or if you would like a specific film choice.

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