PrePress for Photographers®

During the new years break (2009), we spent a lot of time working to install the LVT film recorder.
It was a lot of late nights and we started thinking hard about the different personalities of the equipment we own.
We then realized they needed names! I know its a little strange but its a long standing tradition in the pre press industry to name printers, scanners and imagesetters....
So here they are!
Howtek 7500 Drum Scanner is now known as Sarah
Aztek Premier Drum Scanner is now known as Hara
Durst LVT Rhino+ Film Recorder is now know as Kara

Some pictures of the happy family ; - )
We couldn't resist adding pin striping to them!

Howtek 7500 aka Sarah

Aztek Premier aka Hara

Durst LVT Rhino+ aka Hara

We still need a few good names for our Epson 9880 and HP DesignJet 5500 printers. Send us an email if you have any ideas!

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime.