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Drum Scanning Supplies
Mylar and Wipes

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AZ42 4mil Optical Grade Mylar 9" x 11"
Part# AZ‐42 9" X 11"

Aztek has done much testing and research to develop a Mylar that is truly optically clear. Combined with our Kami mounting fluid products the AZ-42 mylar will achieve the highest quality scan possible. If your tired of dealing with countless hours of touch up, and getting the highest quality scan is your objective, AZ-42 is the product for you.

AZTEK Scanning Film
Take Full advantage of Wet Mounting with your Scanner

AZ42 Ultra Clear Polyester Scanning Overlay Alternative to Agfa C-42 Known as the supplier of the impossible-to-get items. The scanning world relies on a very clear grade of polyester (Mylar) from Agfa,and a few "not so clear" alternatives. Supply of all of these products has been limited, and we have heard that the quality of what is available is of great concern to users.

Look no further, we have your solution … AND A PRICE ADVANTAGE! ALL POLYESTER IS NOT CREATED EQUAL Without getting into a lot of chemistry, polyester is a man-made material derived from a base material of ethylene glycol (better known as automobile anti-freeze). It has amazing properties and can be made into everything from clothing to clear, plastic film. Almost all of this "clear, plastic film" finds its way into applications other than scanning overlay sheets. In these other uses, the polyester is coated with something to make it function properly for its desired end use. These coatings render it unclear for scanning purposes. Even the polyester that is used as a base for photographic film is coated and has an optical impedance that we read as the base density on our densitometers.

As manufacturers of scanners, we needed the best possible material to support our products. This need was the driving force behind the creation of AZTEK's AZ42 scanner overlay sheets. As a result, this new product is optically clearer than anything else, past or present, in the marketplace. AZ42 is the only polyester overlay sheet on the market that is specifically designed and formulated for scanning on either drum or flatbed units. Heat-sealed, plastic shrink wrapped in reusable, flap-seal boxes.

Key advantage of AZTEK's AZ42 Mylar
• Optically crystal clear
• No coatings of any kind
• Each sheet is separated by a dust and static free slip-sheet
• Dimensionally stable, 4 mil thick
• Less image noise when scanning
• 100 sheets per box

Price $78.00 per box
Scanner Wipes 3x4”
Part# CL401-100

Scanning Wipes CL401 3x4" White #100PK

Price $10.00 per pack of 100

Scanner Wipes 3x4”
Part# CL401-500

Scanning Wipes CL401 3x4" White #100PK

Price $45.00 per pack of 500

Scanner Wipes 3x4”
Part# CL401-1K

Scanning Wipes CL401 3x4" White #100PK

Price $85.00 per pack of 1,000
Miscellaneous Wipes

Photex Scanner Wipes
Part# PhotexW

Photex Scanner Wipes, 100 per package

Price $55.00 per pack of 100

Webril 4x4 Handi Pads
Part# WebrilPads

Webril 4x4 Handi Pads pack of 100

Price $8.00 per pack of 100
Part# USAF 1951

Based on the USAF-1951 standard, LaserSoft Imaging developed the SilverFast Resolution Target to make the actually usable resolution of a scanner measurable. This is a transparent scan original, which is suitable for either flatbed or film scanners.*

The structure and elements of the Resolution Target are defined to an American military standard. On the target there are smaller and smaller elements, each consisting of black bars of precisely defined width and spacing. These individual elements are numbered and organized into groups on the Resolution Target. The smallest of these elements for which the scanner can just differentiate between two bars, for which the intervening space is thus barely still detectable, can be indicative of the usable resolution of the scanner. The Resolution Target can also be used to make statements about the sharpness at different resolutions, in order to find the optimum resolution for scanning and to differentiate the sharpness at different points in the scanned area of a flatbed scanner.

Price $99.95 each.