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Our FujiMoto CP-51 20" RA-4 paper tabletop processor.
By tabletop, they meant the entire tabletop!

We had a long haul to get this working. Cleaning took about a week, par or the course in 90s darkroom tech.
It worked for a few years and then one of the PiD controllers died. They are the displays in the first image.
FujiMoto bought these displays (with integral PiD controller) and used them for years.
The OEM for them is no longer making them and hasn’t for a long time.
When one or both dies, you're SOL!

So I made my own. An Arduino, lots of custom code and some epoxy to hold it all together.
It works exactly as I had hoped. It control the heaters within 1/2 degree C and is so much more stable.
While it looks like a hack job….ok it is, I had to hack away at the front panel a lot.
Its worth the pain to replace it. If you own a FujiMoto CP-51 and have a dead display, this is a workable solution.

The 4th and 5th picture is our take on the spray bars. Our processor didn’t come with them.
It took a trip to the lathe with some PVC to make the adapters and a few hours drilling and deburring holes.
It works amazingly. Another great addition if your processor doesn’t have them.
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