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Wing-Lynch Manuals

Temperature Control Panel Documents:
Wing-Lynch Water Temperature Controller and Filtration System Brochure.pdf
This is the only brochure i have seen for the Wing-Lynch Temperature Controllers.

Wing Lynch TC2 Electronic Water Mixing Valve Manual.PDF
This is the full Wing Lynch manual for their electronic water mixing valve model TC2.

Wing Lynch TC2 Electronic Water Mixing Valve Chapter 6 Manual.PDF
This is Chapter 6 of the TC2 manual and has the parts list and exploded view.

Wing Lynch WP2, WP3, WP4 (TC3) Electronic Water Mixing Valve Manual.PDF
Manual for the Wing-Lynch WP2, WP3 and WP4 (TC3) water mixing panels.

Wing-Lynch Water Controller Annual Maintenance Kit.pdf
Instructions for installing the Annual Maintenance Kit, WL Part# 89-0007-14

Wing-Lynch Water Controller Mounting Template.pdf
This is the wall mounting drill template for the TC2 and TC3 water panels.

Wing-Lynch Water Controller Parts Replacement.pdf
This is a manual for replacing a number of common parts in the water controllers.

Wing-Lynch Water Controllers Price List.pdf
Wing-Lynch Water Controller Price List, January 1994.

Wing-Lynch Water Temperature Controller Parts Price List.pdf
Wing-Lynch Water Controller Replacement Parts and Accessories Price List, January 1994.

Model 4/4E Documents:
Wing-Lynch Model 4 Manual 1-81.pdf
Earlier manual from January 1981. Note while it has some good reference material, the better manual is below.

Wing-Lynch Model 4 Manual 3-81.pdf
Latest manual i have for the Model 4 and 4E.

Wing-Lynch 4-4E Motor Replacement.pdf
Model 4/4E motor replacement instructions.

Wing-Lynch 35mm Tube.pdf
35mm tube assembly guide.

Wing-Lynch Daylight Tube Set.pdf
Manual for the rare WL Daylight Tube! I have one somewhere and it was interesting.

Wing-Lynch Price Lists.pdf
2 price lists i received from Wing Lynch. Its great to see what these all cost back in the day.

Wing-Lynch Solution Recovery System 1 and 2 Manual.pdf
This is the installation and users manual for the SRS 1 and SRS 2 for the Wing Lynch 4/4E.
As i remember it, the SRS 1 and 2 were compatible with both the 4 and 4E but the SRS 2 was a lot better.
I have both systems and i like the SRS 2 better. I think the SRS 2 was sold with the 4E and SRS 1 was sold with the 4.

Wing-Lynch Timing Cards.pdf
Some documentation on customizing your timing cards.

This zip file contains some images of the timing cards without components.
Solder and component side if you ever get the itch to make one yourself.

Wing Lynch
This zip contains pictures of Model 4, 4E, Temperature control panel, Tubes, Tanks and Timing Cards.
Some of these are from my old darkroom, some came from the guy i purchased my 4 and 4E from and i think some came from WL.
Its interesting to see what one of these looked like. They were very popular in Newspaper and College labs.